What We Do

/ˈzɛnɪθ/ is the highest point one can reach.

Imagine a world where a world where everyone, regardless of who or where they are or what they do, have the context, skills and mindset to reach their full potential. That’s the vision that animates us at MyZenith.

Children grow up and become adults, the person they’re meant to be. All done, we assume. Not so! Research shows that humans grow and evolve throughout their lives. We all have room to learn, to be better, to reach the heights of our potential. Our mission is to help you be the best you can be.

Our platform is designed to enlist the entire universe
- humans and machines - to help you reach your zenith.
Four Tools. One Platform.


An Applied Reading Tool.


The Art of Deliberate Success.


(Coming Soon)


(Coming Soon)

01. READ.
Multiply your learning manifold through our Applied Reading Tool, where you can curate what you want to read, collect your favorite bits (highlights) in one place and connect the dots across diverse contexts in unexpected ways. Sign up for the beta invite below.

Creativity is our ability to imagine something that doesn’t exist and bring it into reality. How do you build that bridge from what isn’t yet to what is? The possibilities are endless, especially in this current age. Our AI-assisted approach to creativity is under development. Watch this space!

Design your own personal strategy with our proprietary content. Strategy is the art of deliberate success. Read our book, Strategy for Life, that details concrete steps to define and execute a successful personal strategy. Attend our courses, or chat with our AI-coach.

04. GROW.
We grow best by sharing what we know. We are working to bring you a platform where you can share what you learn, strategize your personal impact path, create the artifacts and with the latest technology, significantly scale your personal impact. Coming soon!

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