Join us on a Reading Retreat

Start on a journey to realize your potential.

Read your way to the top!

To say that we live in stressful times is an understatement. We are experiencing upheavals to our lifestyle at a scale and pace that most of us have never experienced before. The world seems more uncertain than it had ever been. Anxiety and ambiguity go hand in hand. Yet many of the usual ways of dealing with stress - a walk in a park, a coffee with a friend or a workout at the gym - are now closed to us.

A good book might just be the answer! While a get-together with friends is no longer an option, reading is something you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. If anything, the unsolicited silence of our days have made it easier to pick up that book we had abandoned, or to try out a new author or genre.

Join us on a journey, come read with us. Why?

  • When done right, reading brings you solace and joy.
  • It opens new doors. Who knows what the future will bring – the better read you are, the more prepared you are likely to be.
  • On the long run, a reading habit makes you smarter, more open-minded and more likely to succeed in your career and life.

What this entails is

  • You make a choice to make reading a part of your new way of life – for the next thirty days, you decide to give it a try. If you are an avid reader already, you renew your commitment.
  • We send you an email - let’s call it an Issue - every three days for the next thirty days (so ten Issues in total) with a little motivation, some inspiration, and several techniques to become a better reader.

There is no catch, this is entirely free – born out of our desire to apply our skills (however small they may be) to helping others in these trying times.

In the meantime, we are working hard to develop a platform that will help you get more out of your reading. Find out more at MyZenith. At the end of this thirty day Reading Retreat, you will receive an exclusive invitation to try it out.